Super Aguri go into administration

Super AguriSuper Aguri have gone into administration. A team of corporate recovery buyers have sad they are looking for a buyer for the operation and are hoping to sell the business to single entity, perhaps someone who is looking to get into motor sport. The administrators have claimed that they have received several enquiries from interested parties already.

A statement from the administrators reads, “This provides a unique opportunity to get into high-level motor sport without having to build an operation from scratch. In terms of capability, a new team could easily be up and running for the 2009 season.

“Virtually everything is in place including the people, the technical expertise, the premises, and testing facilities. A new team could walk in and take over a fully operational unit from day one and I’m pleased that there has already been significant interest.”

Super Aguri employed 90 people at their HQ in Langley, Oxfordshire. News of the team s demise has not gone down well in Japan where protestors carrying Super Aguri flags have been gathering outside Honda s Aoyama base, demonstrating against Honda s refusal to keep bank-rolling the outfit and their local hero, F1 driver Takuma Sato.

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