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Is this how you see the world, Lewis?

Last weekend I finished second to Nico Rosberg in the Monaco Grand Prix. The reason I finished second is because it was Monaco and you can’t overtake. That and something in my eye. But mainly because I was second on the grid. Nico “made a mistake” at Mirabeau that had the effect of ruining my final lap, that would have been pole. Then, I would have won the race.

I think he probably planned it. He did it well. He executed it well. At least, better-executed than Michael Schumacher at Rascasse in 2006. As I said to the TV people, I saw something on the replay that made me smile. I’m not letting on what it is, but if you watch it, you’ll know.

So there I was, in second. The only other way I could have won was for the team to pit me first. But I knew they wouldn’t. I told them that, so they know I know what they’re doing. People will say it’s their policy, but I think they should give me precedence as I was championship leader. Not that they would because they’re in Nico’s pockets.

It’s not the first time they’ve done something like that, to undermine me. They told me not to use my higher engine settings at Barcelona which would have gifted him the race. The only way I could defend was to use the maximum the car could give. I am better than Nico, but I can’t fight the whole team. That’s what I’ve been doing. That’s why he’s been faster in Bahrain, in Barcelona. They might be even putting stuff on his car that they’ve left off mine. I don’t know. I don’t trust anyone.

I don’t trust anyone because I can always see allegiances and fakery. I don’t trust any drivers because they all want to win just as much as I do. I trusted some people at McLaren. But they couldn’t build me a decent car.

I won’t let them get me down, though, all of them. I will fight back. I will use everything I have. I am angry, but I’m calm. I’m waiting for the next race in Canada. I will win that. Still I rise.

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