No Radical Ferrari Nose Cone at Istanbul

Kimi Raikkonen carFerrari have revealed they will not be using their radical new nose cone at the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend. Despite the success of the new nose cone, the team have chosen not to use it in Istanbul because the circuit is one which has fairly low downforce requirements. It is expected that the nose cone will next be seen at the Monaco Grand Prix later this month.

Team manager Luca Baldisserri explained, “We hope to maintain our momentum from the past two victories here in Istanbul and from the last three consecutive wins so far this season. The cars used by Kimi and Felipe are basically to the same specification as those that were used in Spain, with the exception that at Istanbul Park we will not use the slotted nose.

“This is because this solution is much more efficient at medium to high downforce levels, whereas Turkey requires less downforce.

“The new nose worked very well, but as we said when we gave it its race debut in Barcelona, we would only use it at circuits where we deem it will bring us an advantage over a more conventional component.”

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