Spanish officials condemn recent racist behaviour

After the racism problems at last weekend s Formula 1 test session in Barcelona, the Spanish motorsport federation has said is was repulsed at the racial abuse that Hamilton suffered and has urged the country s tracks to ensure that no more abuse happens in the future.

Both the European and Spanish Grand Prixs are held in Spain and their future is currently held in the balance the FIA have requested that the Real Federacion Espanola de Automovilismo (RFEA) are to make a report on what happened and if it isn t satisfactory, the country will lose it s Grand Prixs.

A statement from the motorsport federation reads: “Following the unpleasant even that took place during the latest Formula One session in Catalunya, the RFEA wants to clarify the following points:

“The Federation wants to show its absolute repulsion at these incomprehensible events, as well as showing its support to the McLaren team and especially to their driver Lewis Hamilton.

“Car racing is a sport where events that divert from cordiality between fans and drivers and teams will not be allowed.

“These kind of madmen who confuse sporting rivalry with violence must know that the Federation will have no tolerance with them.

“The RFEA wants to make clear that the protagonists of this event were a very small group that doesn’t represent the thousands of people who enjoy this sport in a fun and cordial way.

“The RFEA also wants to highlight the speed at which the Circuit officials removed the offensive banners and the trouble markers from the stands.

“The governing body has asked the circuits to increase their preventive measures to avoid this kind of incidents in the future.”

Meanwhile, officials at the Circuit de Catalunya have vowed that such events will not happen again.

“We strongly support the FIA s position with regards to fighting against all racial, political or religious discrimination in motor sport,” read a statement from the circuit s officials. “The Circuit de Catalunya will not allow even the smallest incident to repeat itself within its facilities, and new measures are currently being taken into consideration in addition to those implemented during the latest sessions.

“These measures have been studied with the support of the Catalan Police and the Circuit’s security services, and they will be reinforced in the upcoming tests sessions and at the Gran Premio de Espana Telefonica de Formula Uno.”

“In case of sanctions, the Circuit de Catalunya may consider the possibility of taking legal actions against those who caused the incidents, regardless of the magnitude,” continued the statement.

“The Circuit de Catalunya will officially state its position to the FIA, the Real Federacion Espanola de Automovilismo (Spanish Motorsports Federation) and the rest of circuits in Spain, with special interest for those who also host Formula One tests.”

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