No night race for Australia

Australian Grand Prix organisers have said they are not yet ready to hold a night race, even though they risk losing their spot on the calendar.

Bernie Ecclestone had warned the organisers that they risked losing their Formula 1 race if they were not able to hold the race at night and therefore fit in with European television slots. “In Melbourne, if we were to continue there, we would have to have a night race,” he explained. “That would be the only option.”

However tourism minister Tim Holding has said that they are currently not planning to hold a night race and claimed that Ecclestone supported them in their decision.

“We don’t want to lose it, but we don’t want to pay any price for it either,” Holding told The Age newspaper. “So it’s a balance – We’ve made it clear that we wouldn’t have a night race and Mr Ecclestone has made it clear that he accepts that decision and, in fact, supports it.”

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