Renault transporters arrive in Valencia

Renault are one of the first teams to have their transporters arrive in Valencia ahead of the European Grand Prix.

Renault were given a one race suspension by Hungarian Grand Prix race stewards after the team were found guilty of releasing Fernando Alonso s car from the pit lane despite knowing that a wheel-nut retaining device had not been properly secured during his pit-stop. Renault were then found guilty of not informing Alonso of the issue and asking him to stop. The Spaniard s right-front wheel then fell off his car at Turn 9.

Renault have appealed against their suspension and the International Court of Appeal will be meeting on 18 August to decide the team s fate.

The UK based team have therefore gone ahead with preparations for the European Grand Prix in the hope that the suspension is overturned and they will be allowed to race in Valencia. The team have started to bring their trucks and cars across to Spain now because if they wait until a decision has been made by the appeal court, there would not be enough time to comfortably get the logistics sorted ahead of the race weekend.

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