Schuberth update their F1 helmet design

Schuberth, the Formula 1 helmet manufacturer, have revealed that they have updated their F1 helmet design in response to Felipe Massa s accident.

According to German newspaper Bild, Ferrari s Michael Schumacher will debut the updated helmet design when he makes his Formula One comeback at the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

When the 800g steel spring struck Felipe Massa s helmet at over 265 km/h, although the carbon fibre helmet itself withstood the impact well, the left visor mounting was knocked off. To reinforce this area, Schuberth have added a titanium disc to the mounting point making it twice as strong as it was before.

Schuberth have also revealed to Bild that Schumacher s RF1 helmet, running with a slightly modified livery for his comeback, costs around 12,000 Euro.

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