Raikkonen is F1’s highest paid driver

With Schumacher retiring from driving, his replacement Kimi Raikonnen has taken over the mantle of highest paid driver in Formula 1 with an estimated wage of $51 million.

Schumacher has accumulated an estimated fortune of $800 million and in his new role of assistant to Jean Todt, he is expected to draw a salary of about $10 million. This is only slightly less than many of the other Formula 1 drivers – his brother Ralf reportedly earns $16 million a year, and Fisichella and Massa are believed to be paid $10 million. Newcomers Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen are expected to be on about $2.8 million each.

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27 thoughts on “Raikkonen is F1’s highest paid driver”

  1. Is not a big problem he is the one next to shumi but shumi is not here not more kimmi now is going to be the best, only wait and you see.

  2. He’s worth every dollar..

    It will be really fun to see him in a car that can finish a race without blowing up.

  3. Congratulations Kimi on your winning the Australian GP 2007!

    Hope you will win more races. My whole family is rooting for you to be the world champion this year and many years to come.

    I believe that Ferarri’s investment in you is worth it.

  4. Congratulations Kimi on a long deserved win,

    May the good luck carry on with Ferarri, I belive you will be this years Champion I have faith in you keep up the wicked driving.

  5. Kimi, congratulations for your winning in Australia. You are great!!!!
    The best racer of Formula 1!

  6. it’s not the big money for Ferrari! Kimi should keep the performance up to the level. Highest paid for highest position! We will support you! Never give up! cheers…

    Thank you and good luck, Kimi!

  7. Yeah baby, you know how to spend on your money!!!
    You worth every peny I love you you’re an excellent driver
    We all support you no matter what people says, you will always be our champion

    CarbonMan you s**k! (Hamilton)

  8. Eventhough he had his share of problems Kimi remains the best! The race from Montza proves it,as he drove after a pretty bad crush! He was in pain during the race and yet he didn’t give up and managed to keep up with the two McLaren!

    Well done Kimi! You have my respect no mater what bad mouths may say!
    Good luck at SPA and I hope you win!

  9. Kimi has shown that there will be no one man domination in F1, at least not yet. I am very much eager to see how the last and the grand finale race turns out to be. Its getting better and better. I just hope and wish that Kimi wins the championship title.

  10. Worth the money? He just beats Hamilton by a single point! Hamilton earns $2.4M compared to Kimi’s $51M.
    His performance was just as good yet he earns 2,100% more! Hamilton should renegoiate for more or Kimi should take a pay cut to be in line with the others… Hamilton deserved the title.

  11. Win is a win and the best man won. It would have been great if F1 rookie Hamilton won but the Kimi was the won who deserved it. I would say well done Hamilton but need to stretch a bit more to beat Kimi under the shoes of Ferrari, he may do it in future who knows but at present Kimi rules.

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