Vettel – I’m not a ‘Baby-Schumi’

BMW-Sauber’s Friday driver Sebastian Vettel has rejected comparisons of him to Michael Schumacher. Vettel requested that German reporters stop calling him ‘Mini-Schumi’. “I find the comparison simply incorrect,” he said, although he will soon be following in Schumacher’s footsteps in becoming a resident of Switzerland.

“I do not consider myself as a baby-Schumi or whatever, nor do I see myself as his successor. I am simply Sebastian and my goal is to win races and become the world champion,” he explained further. Alongside Formula 1, Vettel will also be racing in Renault’s World Series next season. Although he is not wishing for anything bad to happen, if Kubica or Heidfeld are unable to participate in a race next season, Vettel will be there to take their place.