Lauda criticises Todt

FerrariTriple world champion Niki Lauda has followed Briatore and Dennis with some public criticism of his own. Lauda criticised Ferrari CEO Jean Todt for acting insincerely and disrespectfully whilst on the Australian Grand Prix podium.

Lauda was commentating for German TV station RTL and was watching the ceremony from the foot of the podium. He praised Raikkonen’s win from pole and commented that Ferrari had handled the transition from Schumacher to Raikkonen ‘perfectly’.

However, he wasn’t pleased with Todt’s antics at the ceremony, accusing Todt of faking a close relationship with the ‘Iceman’, Kimi Raikkonen.

“I have to condemn his behaviour,” Lauda said, going on to explain that Todt has often compared his relationship with Schumacher as father and son-like, a relationship born over more than a decade of success. “He was acting as if his best buddy Schumacher had just won,” Lauda continued.

Reporters later questioned Todt about his relationship with Raikkonen. “It is professional and friendly,” Todt answered. “Everyone can see that Kimi smiles much more than in the past. Everyone is really happy. I really enjoyed being on the podium with him.”