Dennis also has a dig

It seems everyone is a critic at the Melbourne grand prix. After Briatore’s negative comments about many subjects, Ron Dennis has also felt the need to speak out, accusing BMW-Sauber of ‘showboating’.

Nick Heidfeld made an impressive start to the season opener, passing Fernando Alonso on the first lap. However, he made his first pit stop surprisingly early and was amongst just three drivers who opted to start the race on the ‘soft’ tyre compound.

In the official post-race press release, Ron Dennis commented that BMW’s strategy was ‘unexpected’ and ‘very disruptive’ to McLaren’s plans to win. He then went on to speak to reporters. “Our race was seriously compromised by the Heidfeld strategy,” Dennis moaned. “We just didn’t understand. It smacked of showboating in the opening part of the race.”