Gascoyne backs McLaren

With reports that the soap opera saga revolves around 500 pages of secret Ferrari information containing team methods and technical data, Mike Gascoyne from Spyker has publicly stated he believes McLaren are innocent of any wrongdoing.

“Look at it in general terms,” Gascoyne said. “McLaren are a very professional team, very experienced. They have been around for 30 years and they have been winning races very recently. The sort of things that these documents are supposed to describe – McLaren will have their own ways of doing them. Knowing McLaren and their management, I simply cannot seem them condoning anything like this. To me, it makes no sense.”

Gascoyne also commented that Dennis is reknowned for his meticulous – a trait which borders on obssessiveness – and that his message on Thursday where he stood up for his team and denied any wrongdoing will have been completely genuine.