Ecclestone rules out London Grand Prix

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has ruled out the possibility of a London Grand Prix. Ecclestone had spoken to London mayor Ken Livingstone in the past about the possibility of hosting an F1 race through the streets of London however he said he now feels it is “too expensive” to host.

Ecclestone also explained that an F1 race in the city would be too disruptive. “The placed would be upside down for six weeks,” he explained. “Nice as it would be, I didn’t think it was possible.”

Ecclestone said that although the mayor had been supportive of the scheme, he had been unable to provide enough financial input for a race. “He was happy to supprt it – up to a point,” Ecclestone continued. “But the amount they could support it by would not have been anywhere near enough to make it viable.”

Ecclestone then went on to rule out the possibility of a joint venture with the 2010 Olympic Games. “I don’t know how it could tie in with the Olympics,” he said. “The Olympics will stand on it’s own. It won’t need any support. Hopefully!”

England currently have one race on the calendar at the Silverstone Grand Prix. However, the future of Silverstone is hanging in the balance – it’s current contract expires in 2009 and a new deal will depend on a £25 million upgrade of the track and it’s facilities. If the upgrade does not go ahead, Britain may not host an F1 race.