Final grid spot still up for grabs

The FIA has re-opened its team selection process for the final position on the grid following the failure of BMW to sign the Concorde Agreement before its deadline, last Wednesday.

Peter Sauber, who owns a 20% stake in the German-Swiss team, failed to put together a take-over bid in time for the deadline, meaning that the Hinwil team will not be guaranteed an entry into next year’s world championship.

It is understood that the FIA President, Max Mosley, has now written to the seven teams on the reserve list and BMW-Sauber to inform them that a place on a grid has become available and is now up for bidding.

Therefore, as revealed by Autosport , if a buyer for BMW-Sauber is found, then the team willl still have to enter an application process alongside a number of other potential bidders.