Mosley backs Schumacher test snub

Max Mosley has said that Williams and the Red Bull Formula One teams’ were right to block any proposals to allow Michael Schumacher test a 2009-Spec car before his return to the sport.

Ferrari had contacted its nine competitors and the FIA in an attempt to gain special deposition to allow the German to test the F2009 for one day.

However this week the Scuderia’s appeal was rejected by Williams and both Red Bull teams’, a decision that the current FIA President says he agrees with.

“I think the test ban rule is unreasonable, but that’s the way it is,” the FIA president said in an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper.

Earlier in the year, Mosley had attempted to remove the in-season testing ban by suggesting a number of other cost-cutting measures, including the introduction of budget caps. However such proposals were later rejected by the Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA).

Mosley, now in his last months of office, also claimed that if a testing ban was going to continue in the future, then it had to be enforced.

“If a 19-year-old driver such as Jaime Alguersuari may not test before his first race, then you can’t make an exception for Michael Schumacher.”

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