FIA announces resurrection of the Formula Two series

The FIA have revealed a shock decision to resurrect the Formula Two name from 2009. The reasoning behind the decision is to give aspiring drivers an inexpensive way to get into Formula One.

The FIA have released a statement saying, “The FIA will invite tenders for a new feeder series for Formula One. This championship, called Formula Two, would be launched in 2009 and used as an inexpensive platform to develop emerging driver talent for Formula One. It is hoped this can be achieved within a budget of around 200,000 Euros a car per season.”

It is currently unclear how the series will run whether it will be a replacement for GP2 or act as another support race for Formula 1.

The costs that the FIA have quoted are exceptionally low by comparison, a GP2 car costs around 1.5 million Euros a season to run and some are privately questioning whether the figures are actually realistic for such a feeder series.

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