F1 superlicense costs increased dramatically

The Formula One superlicense cost has changed significantly this season according to Autosport.

To be an F1 driver, you must have a superlicense. In 2007, an F1 superlicense cost 1,690 Euros plus 447 Euros for every point you scored in 2006 s championship.

In 2008, this has changed dramatically a license will now cost 10,000 Euros plus an extra 2,000 Euros for every point you scored in 2007 s championship.

The new costings mean that Ferrari will be spending 428,000 Euros this season on licenses alone Kimi Raikkonen s license will be a whopping 230,000 Euros, and Felipe Massa s will be 198,000 Euros.

Despite the huge cost, this is just a drop in the ocean to the Ferrari team who allegedly pay Raikkonen $51 million (around 35 million Euros).

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