Toyota’s two year ‘success’ deadline refuted

Toyota s 2008 F1 car, the TF108John Howett, team president of Toyota, has denied rumours that Toyota have just two years to succeed in F1. The rumours began when team boss Tadashi Yamashina stated, “I have been given two more years,” when discussing the performance of the team earlier this month.

Howett has refuted this saying, “The rumours about us leaving the sport have always been groundless. Having signed the Concorde Agreement, we are in it at least until 2012. We never received deadlines from Japan regarding the next two years.”

Yamashina has also refuted the statement, claiming that his words have been twisted. “My words were misinterpreted,” he explained. “When I mentioned the two-year deadline to get results, it wasn t an ultimatum I wasn t referring to Toyota s presence in F1: I was talking about the extent of my appointment.”

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