Coughlan Confided

According to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Mike Coughlan confided in several of his colleagues about being in possession of Ferrari technical data. The paper has quoted what it claims is part of Coughlan s affidavit which was given to Ferrari on Wednesday.

The affidavit was provided to Ferrari on the understanding that it would not reach Italian authorities. Even the London High Court records do not show a copy of the affidavit and it is believed that only the FIA and Ferrari themselves have seen the contents of it.

According to La Repubblica, Coughlan confirmed that he had been in possession of technical drawings and internal Ferrari documents. La Repubblica also claims that the Coughlan revealed that he had shown the documents to several colleagues and not just managing director Jonathan Neale. Coughlan has said that everyone he showed the documents to reacted in the same manner, telling him to destroy the documents and saying they did not want to be involved with them. 

Coughlan is reported to have said he received the documents via courier, and has not implicated Nigel Stepney.

The full circumstances surrounding the saga are still unclear, with Ferrari themselves admitting that they do not have the full picture yet. Ferrari lawyer Massimiliano Maestretti stated, “We don t know what Neale s role is but we know he was aware Coughlan had the documents and he likely saw part of those documents. The McLaren statement mention the documents were received at the end of April, but we have proof that there were more later than that with a May date.”

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