Stepney considers action over car chases

Nigel Stepney s legal team are reportedly investigating whether the high speed car chases which have plagued Stepney and forced him to leave Italy are linked to Ferrari.

Stepney has claimed that he has been followed on several occasions and that he has found tracking equipment on his car. Due to fears for his safety, he fled Italy.

His lawyer Sonia Bartolini has stated that they are investigating the car chases and if they find evidence that Ferrari was spying on Stepney, they will take the matter to court.

“At the right time we will draw our conclusions,” Bartolini explained to Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “At the moment we are trying to trace the car plates to the subjects that followed Stepney, and then we will file a complaint. Obviously, if it is confirmed that Ferrari are behind this, it would be very serious. It is one thing to keep an employee under control at the workplace, but it s quite another to spy on him at his home and to follow him at night while he comes back from his vacation. If that was the case, the Maranello people will be called to answer for it in court.”