Brundle’s thoughts on the current field

Former F1 driver turned commentator Martin Brundle has hit out at the stragglers in Formula 1.

“It’s difficult to see what Toyota are achieving in F1,” Brundle wrote in the Sunday Times. “It’s going to take a sea change of attitude to make that any different.”

Moving on to Spyker he said, “I don’t quite understand what they are doing in F1. Their owners have all the hallmarks of people who are just passing through. It’s difficult to see how they can move forward.”

Brundle then went on to criticise Red Bull’s unreliable seamless shift gearbox. “They should really have bought that technology in rather than do it themselves,” he commented.

Finally, Brundle commented on Hamilton’s current form. “Something is wrong there,” he remarked. “I don’t know whether it’s the distractions or pressure or just coincidence, but Hamilton needs to get his programme back on track at the Nurburgring next weekend. At Silverstone is was explained away as saving the engine but when you are chasing a championship, you must stay right on your rivals, pressuring them into errors, and ready to pounce if they have contact or reliability problems in the closing stages.”

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