Brawn’s presence inspires Button

Honda Racing CEO Nick Fry has said that the hiring of guru Ross Brawn has reignited the fire in Jenson Button who now believes he has a shot at becoming Formula 1 world champion.

Button has always publicly said that he thinks Honda will bounce back from their terrible 2007 season, however Fry believes that with the addition of Brawn to the team, Button is now sure that the bounce-back will happen.

“Jenson s loyalty to the team, even prior to the announcement of Ross, was admirable,” Fry said in an interview with Autosport. “He really is one of the team someone whom I get on with extremely well and he has believed we can do it. But there is a difference between believing and knowing.

“Prior to the arrival of Ross we all believed we could provide a car that was capable of winning the world championship. Post the arrival of Ross we know we can do that. We’ve got the facilities, they are absolutely top level. We’ve got top level people, the infrastructure of the company is absolutely first class and it is gratifying that Ross, who knows what a top level team looks like, has come in and is pleased with what he has found.”

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