Mosley not ready for FIA shake-up

Earlier this year, former world champion Jackie Stewart called for a shake-up in the governance of Formula 1. However, FIA president Max Mosley who is not a fan of Stewart having called him a certified half-wit has said that calls for changes only make him more determined to continue in his position.

“Dear old Jackie,” Mosley said in an interview with British newspaper the Guardian. “He knows nothing about sports governance. Because he never stops talking, he doesn’t know much about anything, actually. He just talks. So when people like that say it, you think, ‘I just can’t.’ It’s very childish, I suppose.

“The real moment to go is when you lose interest in your ideas. As far as I go, the only thing that keeps me doing it is new ideas and new technologies and steering the thing in a sensible direction. That’s the motivator. I sometimes say jokingly that is it sensible that Formula One is run by two old-age pensioners? I don’t think of myself like that, and Bernie certainly doesn’t, but we are, and I think you have to recognise that at a certain point you’ve got to stop.”

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