Brawn: Schumacher happy just to test

Having tested several times for Ferrari since his retirement, Schumacher has been fuelling speculation that the German star is considering a Formula 1 comeback. However, according to former Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn. Schumacher is happy just testing and is not contemplating a comeback.

“Michael loves driving a car,” Brawn said in an interview with Autosport “At the moment that’s what he’s doing and that’s what he loves doing. Knowing him as I do, I don’t think there’s a natural extension from driving a car to racing a car. I can see why he enjoys that, because he just enjoys driving, developing a car and being a part of that process.

“I don’t know if he misses the racing because that’s a different thing, but he just likes going fast. And he loves the interaction with the engineers and making a car better. So I can see why even a testing role would be quite fulfilling for him. He probably won’t leave Ferrari. Maybe I had different objectives to him, but he’s pretty close to the team.”

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