A new twist to the customer car row

The ongoing ‘customer car’ saga has taken another twist. With Red Bull already contemplating legal action after the theft of confidential documents which were subsequently leaker to the Spyker F1 team, it has come to light that confidential evidence pertaining to the case may have been tampered with.

Rumours are flying stating that the blueprints, which are supposedly evidence that Red Bull illegally designed parts for Scuderia Toro Rosso, their sister team, feature several markings that may have been added after they were leaked to Spyker.

Toro Rosso chiefs Gerhard Berger and Franz Tost were reportedly confused by some of the unfamiliar markings on the blueprints that were given to the Malaysian stewards earlier this season.

One of the question marks is over a part which is labelled ‘RB3’ and ‘TR2’, alledgely showing that the part was being illegally designed with both teams in mind. However, it seems that the leaked document is a copy, and not an original and that this copy may not directly correspond to the original blueprint.

If it turns out that the evidence has been tampered with, it could hamper Spyker F1’s claims and will almost certainly not be called as evidence in the pending arbitration case.

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