Theissen hoping for safety car rule change

BMW Sauber s motor sport boss Mario Theissen is hoping for a change in the safety car rules. BMW driver Nick Heidfeld was penalised during the Spanish Grand Prix having pitted under the safety car whilst the pit-lane was closed. Heidfeld had to pit as he was running out of fuel. As a result of this, the German driver received a 10 second stop-go penalty which pushed him to the very back of the field and effectively ruined his race. Heidfeld finished the day in ninth place.

Talking to reporters after the race, Theissen said, “It’s a lottery, you cannot plan for it. You put up your strategy before the race and you can only hope it doesn’t happen. We tried to call Nick in but it was maybe two seconds too late – he had just passed the pit-lane entry so there was no choice.

“We could do another two laps and then we had to call him in. We knew it would be a 10 second penalty but there was nothing we could do about it. I know the team managers and the FIA are discussing this rule already and I hope they will come up with a solution soon. It would be good if we get something before these races.”

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