Kovalainen expected to race in Turkey

McLaren driver Heikki Kovalainen is expected to race at the Turkish Grand Prix in two weeks time. The Finnish driver suffered a horrific accident over the weekend when he ploughed into a tyre wall at an estimated 200 km/h (140mph) after a mechanical failure on the car.

Kovalainen was knocked unconscious by the crash which produced a force of 26G. The Finn soon regained consciousness and was able to wave to the crowd as he was stretchered away from the accident scene. He was then airlifted to the Hospital General de Catalunya as a precaution but it appears that no damage was done and he should be fit for the next race.

Talking to reporters Ron Dennis confirmed, “His scans are completely clear. There is no physical damage to him at all and no trauma damage to his brain – he’s completely clear.

“He s a little concussed but not as a result of anything other than the trauma of the accident – there’s no damage or bruising or bleeding. So we’re quite optimistic about the next race.

“I’m not a doctor so I must qualify what I say – I spoke to our doctor at the hospital and we’re quite optimistic that at this very early stage he’ll be able to race because there is no damage, bruising or bleeding.”