No action taken over Glock-Coulthard incident

Spanish Grand Prix race stewards have decided not to take action over the incident involving Timo Glock and David Coulthard.

The pair made contact towards the end of the Spanish Grand Prix Glock tried an overtaking manoeuvre on Coulthard at Turn 5 and the two make contact. Glock knocked the back of the Red Bull causing damage to his front wing and giving Coulthard a puncture, although the damage is not severe enough to make either man retire and both drivers finish the race.

The race stewards investigated the incident but have decided that no action is necessary.

Coulthard was left unimpressed by the incident and believes that it cost him a chance of gaining some points.

“Jenson finished sixth and I was running behind Jenson. It is a disaster,” Coulthard began. “It s terrible, but who is interested in hearing about me complaining about people running into me?”

It s the third accident that Coulthard has been involved in this season in Australia, he clashed with Felipe Massa, and in Bahrain, he tangled with Button. In all three cases, Coulthard has been hit by drivers trying to pull an overtaking manoeuvre on him. The Scot has said he is getting tired of all the incidents.

“I think I’ve said enough, haven’t I?” he continued. “In my last column I did the whole thing on how I wish people would know that my eyes face out front, they don’t face back. What you see on the video footage is not what I see in the car.

“You make a commitment and what I do is make it clear whether I am moving out of the way or taking an early line. It seems to have worked through most of my career, so I don’t know what has gone wrong this year.

“There will be all this stuff about my age and the oldest driver getting involved in all the incidents, which you can fuel the flames or not, but I don’t know what I can do. Should I just drive off the circuit and let all these people by?

“It is unbelievably difficult to overtake. You lose so much downforce following the other cars, and I think there is an element of that, but most of the race he wasn’t with me.

“I got held up with Mark because the team brought him out right in front of me, and he is going slow and I am dropping from Jenson, so they had all their eggs in the basket as Mark was on for big points, and so I drop two, three or four seconds and that allowed Glock to get close after the pit-stop.

“It could be worse. I could be battling for the world championship and that would be me not going to win it. I am not battling for the championship. I finished 10th last year so I am in that area between 8th and 18th.”