Silverstone future hangs in the balance

Bernie Ecclestone has warned that time is running out to save the British Grand Prix and that he will have no sentiment over dropped Silverstone from the Formula One calendar.

Silverstone s local authority have now given the go-ahead to the revamping plans for the circuit however the commercial aspects of the track have yet to be finalised speaking to British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, Ecclestone said that if he wasn t happy with the overall package, 2009 would be the last British Grand Prix.

“Assume the facilities are built and we like it,” Ecclestone said. “The next problem is the commercial agreement for us to be there. This has not been discussed other than the guy who came to see me some time ago saying there is no way we (the BRDC) could pay you even what we have paid you in the past.

“So, there are two things to overcome first they need to build the facilities, and then they need to pay the market rate. There is no sentiment in this from my point of view. I want only what we do in any other country no more, no less. I sincerely hope they are in a position to deliver what they know they have to carry out to get the Grand Prix in 2010.”

It is believed that race organisers are now in a sticky situation it is rumoured that permission for the redevelopment of Silverstone was only approved by the local authority on the understanding that Ecclestone would guarantee the future of the race. Without his explicit approval, the Silverstone plans may be pulled.

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