Schumacher tests in DTM again

Ralf Schumacher is back testing DTM again. The German driver, who is currently taking a year out away from F1, was testing for Mercedes-Benz making it increasingly likely that he will be racing in the 2008 touring car series.

According to German news reports, Schumacher is taking part in a three day test at Estoril. Schumacher is currently staying schtum on the subject of his plans for 2008 and has yet to reveal if he plans to race or not.

“I don t want to say anything,” he explained. “But I would not be here if I did not find the driving a lot of fun. If we do cooperate, I will be in a 2007 car. This is my own desire in order to get me used to everything and now I want to use every minute in order to get to know the machine.”

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