Massa expects return favour from Kimi

Felipe Massa is expecting support from Kimi Raikkonen should he emerge as Ferrari’s best hope for the world championship.

Massa has fast emerged as Ferrari’s leading challenger for the title with Raikkonen having a torrid few races.

The Brazilian played a pivotal role in helping the Finn win his own championship for Ferrari last year, and now he is expecting him to return the favour.

“If it is necessary, yes. I did it last year and because of my job my teammate was champion,” Massa told reporters at Spa.

“If it is necessary, then for sure (he should help). He is a very fair guy, as I am as well. That is part of our job.”

Raikkonen has not won a race since the Spanish Grand Prix in April and has been consistently out-performed by his team-mate in recent races.

This has led to questions about his motivation, but Massa is adamant there is not an issue here: “I don’t think Kimi is not motivated or not passionate about winning. I think every driver is.”
“I think you don’t keep racing in F1, especially if you are a successful driver, just to race. You race because you want to win. It is part of the mentality from the good drivers.”

“I have known Kimi for two years, and for me Kimi now is the same guy I met at the first race. It doesn’t change anything. The result is more important. I am motivated and I am passionate to win, and that is my feeling.”

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