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Lewis: We can fight Ferrari in Spa

Lewis Hamiltonleader Lewis Hamilton expects McLaren to be more of a match for Ferrari at Spa-Francorchamps than they were last year.

Ferrari dominated the race with a 1-2 finish last year while McLaren were affected by the outbreak of the spy-scandal.

Hamilton arrives at Spa with a mere six point advantage over Felipe Massa, but he is confident that the MP4-23 will be better suited to the demands of the undulating track.

“The tracks with long straights they have a slight advantage than we generally do, but I think it will balance out,” Hamilton told reporters. “Here they will be strong like they were last year. We have made a step forward with our car and we should be able to challenge them. Last year we weren’t in a position to do so.”

“I think in Monza they will probably be a lot quicker than they were last year, but I still feel we will have the upper hand. I honestly feel we’ve the better package for the remaining races. They are going to be able to challenge us, but I feel we have the upper hand,” added the Briton.

With only a six point lead in the championship, Hamilton admits he is taking nothing for granted in the crucial remaining races of the season.

“I wouldn’t say I’m in a comfortable position. You should never feel that because if you do then it’s over,” he said.

“I’m still attacking and I’m still driving for the last race and the end result, not focusing on just winning this race. I’m focusing on making sure I have more points than anyone else at the end of the season.

“I hope we are able to challenge Ferrari, not only in the drivers’ championship, but also the constructors’. We do have a package to be able to do that.”

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