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Lopez confirms interest in Renault

Renault F1 logoGerard Lopez has confirmed that he is interested in buying the Renault F1 team. For several weeks, there have been unconfirmed rumours that Lopez was interested in taking over the team however Lopez had been staying quiet on the subject.

At the Motor Sport Business Forum in Monaco on Wednesday, Lopez finally broke his silence to confirm his interest in the team.

“We see the whole environment as providing an opportunity,” he explained”We’ve been involved in Formula 1 for some time as friends for some people, but never thought about getting more heavily involved than that.

“The situation is such right now that it provides an opportunity for new teams and new investors – it’s not a time of uncertainty but a time of change.

“Times of change usually provide an entry point. We believe there is a chance to enter the sport and build a platform that sort of has to reinvent itself. If we were to become part of F1 we could be part of that reinvention.”

Prodrive are also said to be interested in buying Renault F1.

According to Autosport, if Lopez succeeds in buying Renault F1, the team would continue under the Renault title and would not be forging themselves a new identity.

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