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Schumacher to defend karting crown

Felipe Massa has revealed that at least five F1 drivers are likely to join him at his annual karting race in Brazil on November 30th.

Michael Schumacher has told the Brazilian that he will be joining him. Schumacher was the winner of last year s even in Florianopolis.

“To be honest, I didn t even have to invite him back,” Massa revealed. “He told me at Hockenheim that he wished to race again because he loved the town and the relaxed atmosphere he found here.”

Massa has also said that Sebastien Vettel, Sebastien Bourdais, Rubens Barrichello and Nelson Piquet Jr are likely to attend the event, along with NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon and Renault test driver Luca di Grassi.

Robert Kubica is also hoping to attend having missed last year s event.

“Almost everything was set for Kubica to race in 2007,” Massa explained. “But a last minute commitment prevented him from coming. He watched the International Challenge on TV and knows what the ace is about. Now I m confident that he will be able to take part for the first time.”

Twenty-four drivers participated in the event in 2007 however Massa believes that 26 or 27 drivers will attend this year. The event will be held on November 30th 2008 and the Ingleses Kart Track.

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