McLaren to emulate three-week break

McLaren logoThe 2009 F1 calendar will be minus the three week break that this season is currently in the middle of. The three week break, which coincides with a summer testing ban, was originally included in the calendar to give the teams some respite in the expanding F1 calendar.

Ron Dennis is a firm believer in the break and has revealed that as 2009 will not have the holiday period, McLaren will be rotating people to ensure they all get some time off during the 2009 season.

“They don t get the right amount of time with their families and this gives them an opportunity to have at least one week where they are not at the office or workshops,” he explained to CNN.

“It is a key ingredient of keeping people motivated and happy when you are addressing the calendar, which makes next year’s difficult for them. We will have to accommodate that by rotating people. They will not be expected to go right through the season,”

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