Mexico hoping to host F1 race

Mexico is hoping to host a Formula One race from 2010. Jose Abed, an FIA Vice-President and Mexican racing official, has revealed that Bernie Ecclestone is likely to add two new races to the 2010 F1 calendar and he is hoping that Mexico will be one of the two tracks chosen.

Mexico does have some F1 history. The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (the Rodriguez Brothers Racetrack”) was built in 1962 and hosted it s first F1 race in the same year. The circuit remained part of the Formula One calendar until 1970 when it was removed because of unsafe conditions caused by overcrowding. The track re-opened in 1986 with lots of new improvements and continued to host Formula One races until 1992.

Despite this history, Mexico will probably not use this track for the F1 bid. According to Abed, Puebla, Cancun and Tijuana are all interested in hosting an F1 race in their area.

“Those changes will be made by 2010 and if it happens, we will have to worked hard to have a proper track,” Abed explained to Sportsya. “Even so, we must wait for Bernie Ecclestone s decision to include Mexico.

“We are able to do it, because the authorities are willing to make the relevant investments and everyone has a chance. We just have to afford it since a Formula One track is worth more than $50 million.”