Hamilton: I’ll soon have the press back on my side

Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton believes that the press will soon be back on side. The McLaren driver has had plenty of criticism levelled at him from the press in recent months thanks to the British driver failing to score a point for two races in succession at Canada, Hamilton smacked into the back of Ferrari s Kimi Raikkonen in the pit-lane forcing both men to retire from the race; In France, Hamilton endured a ten-place grid slot penalty at the start, and then earned a drive-through penalty when he was deemed to have cut a chicane during an overtaking move. Hamilton has also been criticised for his attitude towards the press during these difficult races.

Talking to the BBC, Hamilton explained, “You ve just done an hour and a half race and worked your backside off, and then they expect you to sit down and straightaway get out of the car and talk to people. Are you crazy? Damn man, I’m knackered! I need a drink! Sometimes I like to do that.

“But I feel that I’ve had so much support from the media, especially last year and in the build-up to this year, and I know that with the performance that I’ll have coming up, I feel that they’ll be back on my side and they’ll continue supporting me.”

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