Coulthard looking forward to the British GP

David CoulthardDavid Coulthard, who has spent the last fifteen years driving in Formula One, has recently faced a barrage of rumours that the Scot is going to retire, but as yet, the Scot has neither confirmed or denied the rumours. However the approach to the British Grand Prix has left the Scot in a reflective mood.

“We’re all different, and I’m quite a realist,” Coulthard said. “When something has happened, or a decision has been taken or whatever it happens to be, it’s not something I dwell on, I just get on with the next thing. It’s just one of those things. When that moment comes, it’s the journey of life. You just move on to the next thing.

“I’m currently a grand prix driver, I have been for many seasons, and I’m sitting here still as a grand prix driver because I still enjoy it, and I get a buzz from it, and clearly I deliver a value enough for the team to commit to me for the last few years.

“There will come a point, naturally, where that’s not going to continue and, boo-hoo, you know? There are a lot of worse things that can happen to you. You just move on to the next challenge.”

“Points-wise it’s [Silverstone] just another race, but in terms of atmosphere, the feel-good factor, the history, all of those things are special.

“Driving down Hangar Straight to Stowe Corner, and seeing all of the crowd standing at the side of the track, that is particularly special at Silverstone because it’s a British crowd, and you see the British flags, and the home of motor sport is in Britain. So that’s a feel-good moment.

“A lot of tracks you don’t even bother looking out at the grandstands, but when you are on Hangar Straight you’re not driving – you’re just sitting on the straight waiting until you get to the braking point. So you soak up the atmosphere.

“I’ve always been like that since 1994, and I will be doing exactly the same when I race there in a couple of weeks.”

There are some rumours that on retirement, Coulthard might buy into a Formula One team, the most likely being Toro Rosso. However in an interview with British newspaper The Times, Coulthard as said buying a team is not an option at this stage.

“I m in the middle of a GP season and I have some clear plans but that is not one of them at the moment,” he explained. “You can’t go straight from primary school to university, and to presume I could go straight from driving an F1 car would be arrogant.

“Buying it wouldn’t be the scary thing but finding $200m a year to run it definitely would.”