BMW’s F1.07 is launched

BMW SauberThe new BMW-Sauber car – the F1.07 – has been launched. After a promising debut last season, BMW-Sauber are aiming for more podiums in 2007.

BMW Motorsport’s Director, Mario Theissen, said, “In 2006 we exceeded our own targets. Now expectations are rising faster than the team can develop. That’s the punishment for excelling yourself. 2007 marks the second and final year of our development phase. Our aim is to make it onto the podium on our own merit. If the leading teams show any sign of weakness, we want to be ready to breach the gap. Victories on our own merit are not yet a realistic prospect for 2007. We are aiming for that in 2008. In 2009 we want to be in contention for the World Championship title.”

The drivers for BMW-Sauber are a mix of veteran and new alike. Theissen said, “We are very satisfied with our line-up. Nick is our experienced man. He is fast and reliable, and has the know-how to take the team forward. All that makes him a firm fixture and an important reference point for the technicians and the other drivers.”

“Robert has already proved how fast he is, and he will catch up on the experience front. The two of them work well together and engage in healthy competition out on the track. As for Sebastian, we will be giving him the opportunity to drive on Fridays as well. He will learn from the other two. We will be further supported by Timo, who is not only fast but has also built up a great deal of experience already.”

Heidfeld is looking forward to the new season, but knows it will be tough to improve, “the higher you go, the more rarefied the atmosphere. In our first year we collected 36 points and came fifth in the world championship. But the fourth-placed team had 86 points. That’s worlds apart,” he explained.

Meanwhile Kubica is looking forward to continuing on his learning curve. “I learnt a lot in 2006,” he stated. “I want to put it into practice in 2007 and learn more. To stand on the podium for the first time after a Formula One race was an incredible experience. I want more of it.”

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