Windsor: Danica one of many possibilities for USF1

Journalist and ex-Williams team manager Peter Windsor has said that IRL star Danica Patrick is only one possibility for a seat with the new team he is masterminding, USF1. The new F1 team, which hopes to be on the grid for 2010, has announced its ambition to promote American talent and Patrick was thought to have been a target as the world’s foremost female racing driver. But Windsor told French motorsport website that the management was considering many options for the seats.

“Well, we have never spoken to Danica Patrick and we have never even really said that we are specifically interested in her. All we have ever said to anybody is that we are looking at all the American drivers out there. Some journalists have said Are you interested in Scott Speed or Danica and all we have said is that we are looking at all the American drivers,” said Windsor, who is currently Grand Prix editor for F1 Racing magazine.

However, Windsor said that it is the team’s eventual aim to run two American drivers in the car.

“We are going to try and have American drivers in the car,” he said. “Year one we may have one experienced non American driver but certainly have at least one American driver in the car, but almost certainly in year two we will have two American drivers.”

North American drivers have had limited success in the sport in recent years, with Jacques Villeneuve’s 1997 championship the only highlight.

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