Williams get new supercomputer

Lenovo, one of Williams sponsors, have announced that they have successfully installed a new supercomputer at the team s headquarters for use in the team s windtunnel.

The new supercomputer has a peak performance of eight teraflops this means that at it s very quickest, it achieves 8 x 10^12 calculations per second and is four times more powerful than the previous computer Williams had.

“Aerodynamics plays a critical role in determining how competitive we are for each of the race circuits we visit,” explained Alex Burns, Chief Operating Officer for Williams. “The increase in supercomputing power from Lenovo will give us the capability to examine a greater range of design variations between races, which will increase our development rate, bring more performance to the car sooner.”

Deekpak Advani, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Lenovo, has said his company is proud to have showcased what his company can do. “The high-performance computing solution developed for AT&T Williams is the latest example of Lenovo capabilities in world-class engineering and researched,” he remarked. “We are excited about providing a supercomputer solution that delivers the power and speed necessary for AT&T Williams to stay competitive in the most technologically advanced sport in the world.”

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