Webber fires more shots at Williams

Webber has fired more shots at his former team, Williams. Describing them as ‘Toyota’s ‘B’ team’, Webber derided Frank Williams’ deal with Toyota for what looks like semi-working engines. “There will be denials,” he explained to Australian newspaper The Herald Sun, “But there is a feeling and a perception that a B team is actually how it is now for them.”

Webber drove for two seasons with Williams before becoming frustrated at the lack of decent results and switching to Red Bull. It is not the first time that Webber has been less than civil about his former team.

Webber has also predicted that Williams will have another tough season, despite a good show over the winter tests, including being faster than Webber’s Red Bull car. “Not a lot has changed in the structure,” he explained. “So there’s no reason why the results should be any different for them this year. Williams’ finances are stretched. We have a Bahrain test at the end of the month which will be good. Williams can’t go because of its’ finances.”

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