We need “normal” race to see true pace, says Webber

Mark Webber has said that he would like to see a “normal” race so that the true relative pace of the top teams can accurately be gauged.

The Australian was referring to the extent of his Red Bull team’s advantage over McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes, saying that adverse weather has made an accurate comparison impossible.

“We finished one-two in the last race but it wasn’t a normal qualifying,” Webber told the press today.

“McLaren was pretty quick as well, and Ferrari was in the race. We need a normal grand prix to see where everyone is.

“I think Melbourne, I think we were the quickest there – and Malaysia we weren’t too bad. But I wouldn’t say we have a huge advantage.

“You have to get everything right, nip and tucked. This is a new venue, and look at the temperatures We don’t arrive here thinking we won the last race and are going to be quickest again.

“We are going to be quick but whether we are going to have an advantage? It would be silly to think that.”

Webber was more confident that his team would be able to retain their competitive edge when the circus arrives in Barcelona next month.

“We are coming to all races knowing we have the chance to get some really good results,” he said. “Whether it is a top result you will find out as the weekend unravels itself. I see absolutely no reason why we will not be competitive when we get back to Europe. Why do you think we won’t be competitive when we get back to Europe?

“Last year we developed very well during the year. We won races at the start of the year and won races at the end of the year, so I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t do well through the whole year this year.”

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