Alonso says Ferrari’s new F-duct will be an advantage

Fernando Alonso has welcomed the new F-duct system that Ferrari have developed, and hopes it will be advantageous this weekend in China.

Ferrari have in effect copied the idea from McLaren and latterly their engine partner Sauber, who both incorporate similar systems. The system, opened and closed by the driver, permits a new channel of air to flow over the rear wing on straights, reducing drag and increasing straight line speed.

Although it is as yet unclear if Ferrari will race their new untested system, Alonso said it would be an advantage.

“It will be an advantage, no doubt,” Alonso said. “[China has] one of the longest straights in the championship and we know how efficient the McLaren is on the straights and what their top speed in the first races was.

“We saw McLaren very competitive in Malaysia, especially with Lewis [Hamilton] in the dry. But I still think that Red Bull will have a little advantage over everybody again here.”

Alonso stressed, however, that the F-duct was only a small part of an aggressive development drive from his Italian team.

“I know that we keep developing the car, but it’s not maybe the first priority for us, that system. We keep working on our philosophies. There is an important step here to improve the car, and I know that there is more coming in the next races. I’m not specifically worried only about that system.”

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