Villeneuve’s Debut Album

Former Formula 1 driver Jacques Villeneuve is bracing himself for the release of his debut music album. Though to be named ‘Private Paradise’, the album will go on sale on February 19th in Montreal, Canada.

Villeneuve’s official website states that the music falls under the ‘acoustic-rock’ style, and the album will feature 9 songs in English and 4 in French. Six tracks were written by Villeneuve himself, with six by friends and just the one cover song. One song has already been released – on the day of the 2006 Canadian Grand Prix – and received mixed reviews.

Villeneuve claims that he has no plans to make music his career. “My career has been racing,” he claimed. “And I don’t plan on music being a career, so the plan is to keep it as a professional hobby. If I can reimburse my investment into recording the album, then that would be good enough.” Later this year, you can catch Villeneuve back racing – he has recently signed with Peugeot to drive in the 2007 Le Mans race.