Toro Rosso up for sale

Joint owner Dietrich Mateschitz has confirmed that his Toro Rosso team is up for sale.

There has been speculation for months that Berger and Mateschitz have been looking to sell the team, however all rumours had been strenuously denied by both parties at the time.

In 2010, new rules in the Concorde Agreement will mean that Red Bull will not be allowed to provide the Toro Rosso team with custom cars and so Mateschitz has said there is no point to running two teams.

Talking to Swiss magazine Motorsport Aktuell, Mateschitz said, “It is not a big secret that we have put Toro Rosso on the market. I see the necessity that we continue with one team only for 2010, but we will not sell Toro Rosso during 2008. We will only sell the team if it is put into safe hands, but it will be before 2010.”

There is plenty of speculation as to who might buy the team. Russian businessman Roustam Tariko was a guest of Berger at last weekend s Australian Grand Prix, prompting speculation that he may be interested in a deal. Tariko is no stranger to F1 having been linked with a bid by Eddie Irvine several years ago to buy an F1 team. Another possibility is Tony Texeira, the current chairman of the A1GP.

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