The pressure’s on for Silverstone and the 2010 British Grand Prix

Bernie Ecclestone has warned that he is ready to remove the British Grand Prix from the 2010 F1 calendar if Silverstone are unable to secure the contracts that they need.

Ecclestone has said that if Silverstone’s owners are unable to find the funding they require to secure the deal by the time the World Motor Sport Council meets on December 11th, he could be forced to pull the race from next season’s calendar.

The World Council will meet and we will just pull it off — we will have to,” Ecclestone explained to British newspaper The Times.

“We ll have no other choice, if we don t have a contract. We shouldn t have anything on the calendar unless we have a contract in place.”

Ecclestone has confirmed that if he does pull the race, it will initially be just for one year and that no other race will be drafted in to replace the British Grand Prix in 2010. He has also stated that although he believes Silverstone is close to negotiating all the terms required, he is not convinced that they will be able to seal the deal in time.

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