“The most dangerous thing ever” – Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello has condemned the move Michael Schumacher made on him towards the end of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

On lap 65 Schumacher, who had been chased by a faster Barrichello for a number of laps, forced the Brazilian very close to the concrete pitwall as they made their way down the pit straight at upwards of 180mph.

Barrichello was immediately heard on the radio calling for Schumacher to be black-flagged, and he was equally scathing when interviewed by the BBC afterwards.

“It was the most dangerous thing I’ve ever been through,” said the Williams driver. “It is something from the past that he is bringing to the present, to the future,” he added.

Schumacher was unrepentant, saying that Barrichello should have tried to pass him around the outside.

“He had fresher tyres. I knew that he was coming so I was making it obvious that he should go over to the right, where there is more room for [him], but he chose not to, so it got a bit tight. There are some drivers who have some ideas, then there’s Rubens.”

Barrichello did not rise to Schumacher’s baiting. “He’s always trying to make out like I am some big crier,” he responded. “But the stewards will say what they have to say and I would like the public to decide as well,” he finished.

Schumacher is under investigation by the stewards.

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