The future of the US Grand Prix

The future of the US Grand Prix remains unconfirmed however, Indianapolis is reportedly planning some track changes which could see the race confirmed for the 2008 season. American magazine Motocycle USA has claimed that a round of MotoGP may be held at the Motor Speedway next year – although the track would have to be modified in advance of the race.

FIM, the MotoGP’s governing body, has already inspected the road course at Indianapolis and approved it for racing although the bikes will not take to the banking like the current Formula 1 course. According to the magazine, the Speedway has drawn up some plans for a new circuit layout which will avoid that dangerous section of road. Once the changes have been put into place, the new configuration will also be fit for a Formula 1 race.

Turn 13 of the Formula 1 race is actually Turn 1 of the Indy 500 layout. It has proven to be a contentious feature in the past with 14 cars unable to race in 2005 because their Michelin tyres were not suitable for the track. Ralf Schumacher has also had a couple of big accidents at the corner, and in 2004 broke his back after a crash.

Official confirmation that a MotoGP race will be held at Indianapolis is expected in the next couple of weeks.

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