Test Driver To Race In A1GP

Narain Karthikeyan, test driver for the Williams team, will represent his country in A1GP for the NZ races this weekend. Karthikeyan, who turned 30 on Sunday, is said to be honoured to drive for A1 Team India.

“I’m very proud to drive for my country in A1GP,” said the former Jordan driver. 

“I’ve been following the team’s fortunes since the start of the Series. Frank has kindly agreed for me to race, but my Formula 1 testing duties for Williams will always be my number 1 priority.”

“I am very thankful for Sir Frank’s support and feel very privileged to be in Formula 1, but like all racing drivers I want to race fast cars. In recent months, I have had several offers to drive in America and Japan, but I chose A1GP because the race schedule does not clash with my Formula 1 commitments.”

“I know that I’m joining the Series part way through the second season and many teams have been working with experienced drivers since the start.”If I can accelerate the learning curve for the team and we can make progress, possibly scoring some points, I’ll be very pleased.”

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